An Art Exhibition and Symposium of Jews and Rock N Roll @CKI       The Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery 603 St John Place Brooklyn, NY 11238

JEWS AND ROCK : An Art Exhibition and Symposium

JEWS AND ROCK go hand in hand. Since the inception of Rock N Roll in the 1950s the Jewish people have influenced and been an active participant in the creation of this music genre. The Art Exhibit will display an array of exceptional paintings, drawings, prints and photographs from around the world. The Symposium will feature panel discussions with graphic artists, authors and selective music talent. Loud bands are being scheduled to perform on select dates. Warning: Bring your own ear plugs!  


Congregation Kol Israel was built in 1924 and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is the oldest continuously running Orthodox shul in Brooklyn. All proceeds from the event will go to help preserve and restore this historic landmark.

The Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery at CKI is a project of the shul's that showcases and supports Jewish art and artists from around the world.

Congregation Kol Israel is also the proud organizer of the Jewish Comic Con. 

Admission =  March 2nd = $10. Free admission all other dates. Please contact Fred Polaniecki for visitation by appointment only @ Hours: Sunday - Thursday, closed Friday and Saturday

* Live and In Person Meet STEVEN LEE BEEBER (Author The Heebie-Jeebies at CBGBs) and ANDY SHERNOFF (Rock guitarist: The Dictators, The Master Plan, Joey Ramone and more), VIVEK TIWARY (author The Fifth Beatle) and MICHAEL CROLAND (Punk Rock Hora). March 2nd performance by MOSHIACH OI!


Carol Bertolotti•Lynne Cassouto•Michelle Dankowitz•Laura Epler•Alan Falk•Max Gottfried•Bluma Gross•Roger Harris•Liz Johnson•Melita Kraus•Steve Leialoha•Diana Leonie•Ellen Levitt•Rivka Nehorai•Jessica Nissen•Leslie Nobler•David Plastik•Arlen Schumer•Susan Shulman•Mindy Indy• Betsy van Die•Gabriel Wolff•Ayelet YonkNona Zilberberg

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